Safely distributing cylinder gas to homes and businesses in rural areas without a mains gas supply since 1980 and more recently bulk gas.

Our friendly drivers currently deliver bulk gas to most of East Sussex, parts of Kent, Surrey, West Sussex.

We can now take on your existing vessels and provide you with a gas supply under a new competitive contract.

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Rose Gas
High Street
Buxted, Nr Uckfield
East Sussex, TN22 4LA
tel: 01825 732 655
fax: 01825 733 579

We stock regulators to fit our, bottles.

We supply new and replacement bulk vessels to domestic customers

We deliver Butane and Propane in cylinders.

We deliver Propane in tankers to fill your bulk vessels.




West Sussex

LPG Facts

Did you know? It is now much easier to switch bulk gas suppliers, due to new legislation by the Competition Commission.

LPG has been used as an alternative to mains gas for over 65 years. It is popular in over 150,000 homes across the UK due to its convenience, flexibility and environmental credentials.

Since the 13th April 2009 all bulk domestic LPG customers, that are supplied LPG via a bulk tank, will be in a position to switch their LPG supplier along with their tank.

We hope to become your new gas supplier and thank you, for considering our services.

Switching gas suppliers

All bulk domestic LPG customers, that are supplied LPG via a bulk tank, will be in a position to switch their LPG supplier along with their tank. If you are an existing LPG customer you will be advised by your existing supplier when you will become eligible to switch.

When you switch supplier you have the choice of transferring the ownership of the tank from your existing supplier to the new supplier (assuming that your existing supplier legally owns the tank)

To find the details of all domestic bulk LPG suppliers in your area please go to the UK LPG search supplier link which allows you to view all the suppliers in your area, simply by typing in your full post code.

Independent advice agency links

If you are considering switching suppiers, telephone our office or fill out the form on the 'Bulk LPG' page.

Please be aware that a new supplier is not obliged to accept a new customer and they may have a number of reasons why they cannot offer to supply you.

If you have any other questions regarding why this change has happened. Click below to visit the CC’s web site.

Here is the direct link to uklpg's FAQ. Where you will find factual information about LPG.